LED Light Therapy


The LED canopy provides 7 different wavelength treatment colours, focusing on rehydrating and strengthening the collagen and muscles. Say goodbye to bulky pores, enhance the skins firmness, restore the skins elasticity, nourish and moisturise.

There really is a treatment available for any skin condition with this exclusive to Skintastic Aesthetics photon Skin Rejuvenation LED.

  • Hot Steam And Cold Water Spray Function Which Opens Pores To Allow Treatment To Work Then Switch To Cold Spray To Close Pores Once Treatment has resumed.
  • Treatment Times Are Completed Within 30 Minutes Due To The Unique Advanced Power Mode
  • 7 Multiple High Purity LED Lights Each Mode Enabling A Different Skincare Condition To Be Treated.
  • Intensive Facial With Instant Results Which Are Painfree
  • Reduces Active Acne After Just One Session
  • The Hot Spray Helps Open Vessels Around The Eyes Minimising The Effects Of Myopia And Reducing Eyestrain.
  • The Therapist Has Full Control Of The Settings And Can Adjust The Parameters Accordingly To Their Clients Needs
  • Can Be Used On Other Areas Of The Body
  • New UV Sterilisation Built In

Light Functions

  • Red Light (635nm Deep into skin 1-6mm) Deep repair & increases skin elasticity.
  • Green Light (560nm Deep into skin 0.5-2mm) reduces spots & calms the skins appearance.
  • Blue Light (415nm Deep into skin 1mm) Acne Therapy Treatment
    Violet (UV) + Calcium supplementation enhances skin immunity, helps reduce acne, deep skin penetration without damaging the skin and radiates vitamin D to promote Ca+ absorption
  • Red & Green Light Combined (Deep into skin 1-2mm) Improves wrinkles & Increases natural immunity.
  • Red & Blue Light Combined (Deep into skin 1-2mm) Reduces acne/ poxmarks & stretchmarks
  • Blue & Green Light Combined Enhances metabolism and oil control
  • Red & Blue & Green Light Combined minimises fine lines & helps break pigmentation.

 The pores of the human body are 0.02~0.05mm the machine sprays 0.3-0.5 micron m (0.0003~0.0005mm). Water molecules can easily enter the skin to help with hydration. Protecting epidermis skin and maintaining a healthy water balance.


1.When using the cold spray function, make sure that the water tank is full up 100ml.

2. The machine can be topped up with pure water or if combining solutions ie) Essence/toner these need to be diluted.

This treatment opens pores beautifully, deeply hydrating skin, enhancing blood circulation, kick starting metabolism and gives the skin a lovely plump rosy appearance.

8 -10 Treatments 72 hours apart are guaranteed for the most amazing results!

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