Micro Needling & Derma Roller Treatments in Southampton

Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that utilises the skin’s own ability to regenerate and heal itself. It is a very effective treatment for fine lines, loose skin, uneven skin texture and acne scarring. Unlike laser and light based treatments micro needling is suitable for all skin types and there is usually no downtime.

Dermaroller can significantly improve the appearance of:

  • Facial and decolletage lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Aged and sun-damaged skin
  • Scars (including scars from acne)
  • Rejuvenation of hands

This is a treatment that stimulates skin regeneration and repair through micro-surgical needling using a specially-designed device. The needles and very fine and penetrate the upper part of the skin only, making this a comfortable treatment. “No pain, no gain” really doesn’t apply! The device is sterile and used for one treatment only.

The creation of multiple fine needle channels stimulates healing/repair processes in the skin so that renewal takes place and new collagen is laid down and the blood supply improved.
After treatment the skin looks quite red for a couple of hours. Much of this settles within a couple of hours, but some lesser redness may takes another day or two to settle. This is easily covered with make-up.
Dermaroller provides a very safe treatment, and can be used on any skin type. The procedure will be done at SkinTastic Aesthetics LTD in Southampton.
A dermaroller consists of 192 surgical steel micro-needles which, when rolled across the dermis, creates pinpoint punctures. Whilst not usually painful, a dermaroller treatment can be uncomfortable.
Typically 3 treatments are recommended for rejuvenation treatments, and up to 5 for acne scarring. Results are usually seen from 6 weeks onwards.
microneedling southampton
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