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Welcome to Skintastic Aesthetics

Skintastic Aesthetic Supplies LTD is a non-surgical treatment clinic and a medical laser academy offering a comprehensive  level 4 Focus Award approved qualifications each unit has a credit value, learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Our award-winning academy combines treatments, trainingand medical device package sales all under one roof. Providing a synergistic exchange between patients (who benefit from discounted services) and the students who provide them. In this way Skintastic Aesthetics is unique in the Aesthetics industry by making typically expensive services within reach to a wider public and providing students with hands-on experience that builds proficiency and confidence when operating the devices and interacting with patients. We teach current and next generation practitioners through a real-world hands-on experience.

We are constantly staying up to date with the current curriculum and legislation to provide students a certification process that helps the Aesthetic industry reach the highest level of innovation and performance. 

(Model SkinnyT4)
(BM 188)

Dermatological Diode Laser System Combo DLP4

The Very Latest Medical Grade Diode and Multi Combo Pain-Free Laser

Why Choose DLP4?

  • Profitable – record-quick delivery of ‘pain-free’ laser treatments.
  • Fast treatments- DL4 can work at a speed of 4cm²/second to cover an area of 240 cm² in 1 minute.
  • ‘Pain-Free’ – thanks to Dual Motion and CMAX ice technology, practitioners can reach temperatures of -20°C for extra comfortable treatments
  • Results – 2400W Laser/ 5000W power with a record-quick delivery of 10 shots per second.
  • Flexibility- Deliver treatments in both standard and motion mode.
  • Effective and Safe – Mixed wavelengths off 755nm, 808nm, 940nm and 1064nm can treat tanned skins and the darkest phototypes with excellent results.

This clinically proven medical device is undoubtingly the most powerful device available on today’s market!

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The laser is a medical grade multi-combo and fully registered and licensed with MHRA and completes the following treatments:

  • IPL Hair Removal
  • SHR Hair Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Threadvein and stretchmark reduction

More information on the machine and brochure can be found by clicking this LINK

The price is £11,999exc VAT, buy now pay later finance is available.

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IPL SHR RF Laser 3 IN 1

SHR, IPL and E-Light Hair Removal Including Skin Rejuvenation Treatments 58935 – Intense pulsed light skin surface treatment system Core Features and Advantages:
  1. Combination of SHR + E-Light + IPL system all built in one unit
  2. The treatment head is made of pure sapphire crystal with a cryo ice tip that ensures a pain-free comfortable treatment which deeply penetrates the follicles.
  3. Large spot size 16*50mm for hair removal, 8*50mm for skin rejuvenation treatments
  4. The laser can be operated for 12 hours in continuous work mode
  5. Super strong cooling system with semiconductor, wind and air.
  6. Bespoke custom made 3000w strong power supply with four Panasonic capacitors.
  7. Medical use handpiece manufactured in Germany for endurance and long lifespan.
Customers can choose the colour of the shell and have their business branding logo on the machine for no extra cost!

Cryolipolysis + SkinnySculpt 2in1 Device

The Cryolipolysis+SkinnySculpt 2 in 1 is a next generation, combined cryolipolysis fat freezing machine and HIEMT platform, generating immediate inch loss results during treatment.

We believe the Cryolipolysis+SkinnySculpt 2 in 1 to be the best fat freezing machine, as it brings together the latest advancements in non-invasive aesthetics to deliver a truly unique capability.  The Cryogenic Lipolysis function of this professional fat freezing machine is an incredible non-invasive, inch loss, fat removal and contouring process, developed and proven by scientists which is brought to you in a new, more comfortable, and effective form by the Cryolipolysis+SkinnySculpt 2 in 1 in conjunction with proven Electro-Mechanical Stimulation (HIEMT) technology, to deliver ground-breaking results that will amaze your customers.


BM-100 Laser is the most versatile Picosure Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser on the market, offering up to 4 wavelengths in one system capable of 5 treatment applications. BM-100 allows you to expand your clinic capabilities and offer a range of hair removal / pigmentation / tattoo removal, carbon peel and advanced collagen therapy all in one desktop device.

The high quality multi-application Picosure Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser produces very short bursts of energy which are capable of producing massive amounts of power instantly. It can remove targeted pigments selectively with minimal impact on the dermis and epidermis. The BM-100 mode ensures maximum comfort and fast skin regeneration.


Hydro SkinSculpt 14​

Multi functioning machine to UP your skin game, client results & give you a large scope of treatments to be able to create bespoke treatments to stand out from the rest. This machine has the following functions-

An ultimate must have for skin therapists to take their skills to the next level.

Ultrasound Cavitation - Radio Frequency Vacuum - Slimming - Body Contouring Machine

This truly amazing device combines three technologies into one easy to use unit. Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Vacuum Suction can be used in conjunction with each other or independently to give your client tighter, firmer, and younger-looking skin on the face, neck, and body.

6 in 1 Vacuum Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Fat Reduction Laser Lipo Machine

As we all know, the fat is stored in special cells, and This Lipo Cavitation RF Lipo Laser adopts the latest low-frequency wave of ultrasound cavitation 2.0 technology- to lipolysis the fat cells into particles, and then metabolism it into a liquid after focusing on and destroying the fat cells in the target area.

Model (SkinnyT4) The machine can be customised with your business logo at no extra cost! Includes FREE Accredited CPD Training!

Portable Nd:yag Laser (AL1)

Machine for Carbon Peel Facials, SPMU Removal, Pigmentation, Birthmark Treatment, Fungal Nail Eradication and Tattoo Removal

The ND: YAG Q-Switch MEDICAL Dermatological frequency-doubled solid-state laser system is designed to seamlessly integrate into any tattoo studio, clinic, or salon. This portable and desktop-based MDD device enables professionals to reduce professional, amateur, or traumatic tattoos effectively.


  • Implemented with a Φ6 laser rod with energy reaching 1000mj, making this device highly efficient and swift treatment times.
  • Guaranteed super long crystal with 1 million shots pre-loaded.
  • Medically approved, this device is listed on the PARD register, it has endured a strict quality testing process.
  • Modularised Inner Structure – safe to transport as a portable device.
  • Intelligent Interface- has 16 different languages programmed in.
  • Pure imported “plug and play” joint part (USA CPC & Germany Harting) ensures maximum operation safety with separate water and electricity ports.


We have been established since 2011 in that time our company has developed an international training academy, exclusive laser online store and we are UKPP (United Kingdom Responsible Person) for our medical device lasers.


The range of equipment we offer covers Laser Hair Removal, Skin rejuvenation, Cryolipolysis (fat freezing), Tattoo removal, Body contouring and Facial devices together with a complete list of day-to- day consumable products. SKINTASTIC AESTHETIC SUPPLIES LTD is the one-stop-shop for the beauty and aesthetics industry


We offer a wide range of accredited laser training courses ranging from CPD, Focus Awards Level 4 and 5, which are approved by Ofqual. There is also an online portal where you can receive lifetime support and carry on learning online after your course is completed.


Skintastic Aesthetics Ltd is FCA registered and specialises in providing business equipment finance, giving businesses the power to grow. We can arrange business finance quotes for all manner of equipment to help your business take the next steps. Get your business finance quote today by filling out the form below, giving as much detail as possible.


Our manufacturer-trained laser engineers offer comprehensive support for your laser machine, whether it’s a one-off repair or a regular servicing agreement. Even if it’s a minor issue that can be solved over the phone or something more serious that requires one of our technical team to visit your clinic, we’re here to help. Clinics that are supported by SKINTASTIC AESTHETIC SUPPIES LTD can relax, knowing that their downtime (and cost both in lost revenue and reputation) will be minimised by a highly responsive technical team they can rely on.


Browse our ever-expanding range of clinic essentials, from CE CERTIFIED SAFETY GLASSES to CARBON PEEL PASTE, everything you need to run your laser clinic…

Order your clinic supplies today and receive free UK delivery on all orders over £50!

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Our courses are endorsed by two leading insurance companies Westminster and Insync.

If obtaining a quote with Westminster please click the link provided and follow through the sections with your details.

If obtaining a quote with Insync please phone the new student hotline on 0330 8282200 and Quote Partnership referral code 60902345

You may purchase your insurance here


During a decade in the laser industry, I have bridged the gaps in being able to supply medically registered devices and training to the aesthetics industry. Our business model has won countless awards and most recently training provider of the year.

Lasers are my passion there’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing my wealth of knowledge and watching the industry grow with true professionals.


Europe’s No 1 medical device distributor offering sales, marketing and technical services solutions for many of the world’s leading healthcare equipment manufacturers and clinics.

Investing in professional aesthetic equipment for your salon or clinic is a big decision. This is why we’ve have formed Skintastic to provide a suite of non-surgical aesthetic devices designed to help you make affordable and profitable choices for your business.

Across the globe, Skintastic medically registered devices are used in professional clinics and beauty salons delivering consistently great results for clients like yours. 

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