Non Surgical Lipo

Non Surgical Lipo & Cavitation Treatment in Southampton

The most advanced way to remove cellulite, break down fat cells and tighten and tone your skin!

At Skintastic Aesthetics, we offer the most advanced form of radio frequency or RF skin tightening treatment available.
We use a mixture of FIVE different RF probes to achieve maximum results Tri-polar RF, Body RF, Cavitation, 4K & Vacuum suction.

Using CaviLipo combined with different Radio Frequencies, the Ultrasound-Cavitation treatment allows your body to break down fat cells. These cells are then metabolised through your body’s natural removal processes. Unlike traditional liposuction, CaviLipo uses no injections or anesthetics, there is no down time making it the perfect treatment for removal of fat and cellulite. Whether you want to remove belly, thigh, arm, hip, chin or back fat, CaviLipo with RF is the breakthrough treatment for you!

Instant inch & weight loss treatment.

We recommend you have a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 treatments before having a break of 4 weeks to allow your body to recover Only one area of the body can be treated per day so that the body can eliminate the fat A 7 day gap must be left between treatments on the same area and a 72 hour gap before treatment on another area
No. This treatment is painless. In fact, it is very relaxing! During the 4K Ultrasound clients may experience a brief high pitched ringing in the ear during the ultrasound and then a warming feeling when the radio frequency is in action, so it is certainly not uncomfortable.
Radio Frequency is successful in cellulite and fat reduction as it improves blood flow to the treated area which therefore promotes the breakdown of fat cells, aiding in the reabsorption and drainage of fatty deposits and retained fluids.
The non surgical lipo and cavitation treatment is a very effective procedure and the majority of clients experience noticeable circumference reduction after a single session with increasing results after each visit. The results may vary with different tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones. Proper diet and increased physical activity will certainly improve and help to maintain the results.
  • Try to avoid doing anything that will irritate your skin immediately before treatment. This includes tanning (natural or artificial). It would be more likely to suffer pain from the addition of heat to the already damaged skin; however an established tan would be fine.
  • Do not have hot shower, bath or sauna right after the Ultrasound treatment
  • Drink at least three litres of water after treatment this will help to improve your metabolism and increase urine output – lipid metabolites release out of your body.
  • For best results you should refrain from any alcohol consumption for 48 hours after the treatment. Alcohol consumption during this period may prevent your liver from removing the deactivated fat cells from your body (as the liver will assign priority to removing the alcohol from your blood).
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