Laser Tattoo Removal

Clean & Clinical Environment For Safe Removal

Skintastic Aesthetic removal is your first step to providing safe and effective laser tattoo removal in southampton using the most up to date laser machine . We can treat black, blue, red and green ink tattoos using the Q-Switch System. Unlike salon machines which can only reduce tattoos, our medical laser is powerful enough to fully remove them.
The number of treatments required depends on the size of your tattoo, the quality of the inks used by the tattooist and the depth at which he placed the ink in your skin. Most tattoos take between 6-10 treatments, but some can take longer for complete removal. The sessions will be spaced approximately 8 weeks apart for the best results. If you are looking for a fade down of the tattoo as you are having a cover up in its place we normally recommend four sessions.
No. When using the q-switched Nd:Yag laser and following the “aftercare instructions” provided, there is minimal to no scarring, from this procedure. However, in rare cases, those with scarring disorders, such as keloids, have an increased risk of forming a scar.
The laser emits a pulse of light that is preferentially absorbed into certain colours of ink. The light enters the skin at a speed that is too fast to heat the tissues (billionths of a second), instead, it produces a shock wave effect and breaks up the ink particles into smaller pieces, the body then recognises these particles as something that shouldn’t be there and attacks it. The particles are then removed naturally via the body’s own elimination system.

If you are thinking about laser tattoo removal, your most burning questions may be “Does it hurt ?” and “How much does it hurt ?”. Tattoo removal causes a certain amount of physical pain and irritation to the area being treated but it is not the same for everyone.

Laser tattoo removal has been likened by some clients to the feeling of having a rubber band snapped on your skin. Others describe it as a rapid succession of pricks. While some say it feels like someone scratching sunburn. Tattoo removal treatments on areas with more fat like the arms and buttocks are generally not as painful as areas where there is less fat or close to a bone like the neck, ankle or finger.

Redness and swelling may occur, similar to sunburn. This settles within a few days. Some patients may blister, which is quite normal and does not indicate potential scarring. Please refer to the aftercare advice sheet.

The treated area should not be exposed to strong sunlight between sessions without the use of sunblock (SPF 30)

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