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Laser Lipo Training

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What will the Skintastic Aesthetics Laser Lipo course teach you?

Laser-Lipo treatment utilises visible red light, emitted by laser diodes. This laser light energy penetrates in the subcutaneous layers where our fat cells are located. The presence of the laser light changes the chemical balance with the fat cell opening the pores of the cell and allowing the contest to leak out into the surrounding interstitial space. At this point it is transported away by the lymphatic systems to be metabolised by the body and used as an energy source.

The process is totally non-invasive, pain free and safe and uses the body’s natural mechanisms to release stored fat for the body to turn into energy.

The client is expected to slightly change their lifestyle in respect to diet and exercise to complete this fat elimination process and achieve inch loss from the treatment area.

Laser-Lipo Intensive Course content:

  • Cellular interaction of light
  • Low level laser therapy module
  • Overview of laser lipo treatment
  • Metabolism of fat following laser treatment
  • Protocol for new client
  • Consultation, medical forms, client consent and aftercare forms
  • Client Pre-Treatment
  • Position of lymph nodes
  • How to operate machine
  • Practical Training
  • Care of client during treatment
  • Client exercise lifestyle changes
  • Treatment regime
  • Post Treatment care

This accredited course qualifies you for CPD points with intensive module detail, spread over 14 units. This includes core of knowledge followed by extensive practical training to ensure that all graduates are fully competent to safely and effectively perform Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as laser lipo, treatments.

Pre-requisite: Medical Professionals or Aesthetic Practitioners with level-3 beauty (or level 2 with foundation course).

This is not just laser lipo machine operator training! If you would like to be certified by our qualified and accredited trainer for treatment practical, theory, consultation, post & pre-treatment plan and contraindications, this intensive complete training is a must. After which, our trainer is available to offer you an ongoing support if you ever have queries on the treatment or customers.


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Please note: Finance for training is available from Kennet Leasing.  Please complete this form below and send as an attachment email to info@https://skintasticaesthetics.com and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Kennet Leasing Application Form




Packages available

Accredited Laser Lipo Training at your premises Including Machine, Full Training At Our Skintastic Clinic Premises including CPD accreditation (no machine)

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